Sunny Leone's couple Adopted Baby Girl From Orphanage in Maharashtra

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone's couple adopted a baby girl. This is revealed by Sunny Twitter. It is named after the baby Nisha Kaur Weber. Sunny real name is Karanjit Kaur Wora. The baby was named after Kaur in his name.

The 21-month-old Sunny couple adopted from Orphanage of Latur in Maharashtra. Talking to Sunny on this occasion, she said, "It's usually nine months for any parent to experience this happiness. But it took me three weeks. Two years ago we went to Orphanage and applied our names there. I never thought of adopting a child in my life. But I changed my mind by seeing some of the services in the orphanage. The name of the baby is nasty before we have adopted. I do not want to change it. That's why my name has been named after my husband's name.